I always bring my laptop with me to work because when I have a meeting it is so much easier to take notes on my laptop.


I have a planner that I leave at work and one in my bag. The one at work keeps track of my meetings and assignments there, and the one in my bag keeps track of my social life, doctors appointments, and babysitting gigs.

Work Keys

Well I have to get into work and my office, so…

Car Keys

I technically should be walking to work every day. It’s only a ten minute walk, but I usually end up driving because I don’t get out of the house in time to walk.


Well if I’m driving I need my license, and if I go out for lunch or need to run to the store after work I need to have money with me.


I always wear my contacts, but I keep my glasses with me in case my contacts start to bother my eyes.

Eye Drops

Before I’ll take out my contacts and switch to glasses, I’ll dry the eye-drops first.


I have really dry skin. I think I apply lotion on my hands approx. 5-6 times throughout the day.


Along with my dry skin, I also have really dry lips.


When I drive home the sun is usually going down, and I live on a WEST ave, so when I’m driving home the sun is directly in my eyes.


My nose always seems to run when it’s cold out.


You never know when you need to write something down.


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