My family doesn’t take a lot of vacations. Growing up a vacation meant a road trip to some family member’s house and staying for a few days. The only real vacation that I can think of having as a child was when we went to Disneyland in California. However, while I remember that as a happy time, I only have vague memories and don’t remember any specifics.

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Vacation is defined as an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or traveling. In the most general terms of this definition, my family has participated in vacationing often throughout my life time. However, besides that Disneyland trip, we have never taken time off to specifically relax… except for last year.

Last year we spent a week at Rehoboth Beach with my extended family. The only goal of this trip was to relax and spend time with family. Growing up I really didn’t think I was missing out on a whole lot when my friends would talk about their vacations, but after last year I discovered that I had been missing a lot!

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I think it’s necessary for the mind, body, and soul to every once in awhile just check out completely. During our week at the beach, there was no schedule, no itinerary, and no place we had to be. We spent the week in a simple state of just being in the truest form. Life is hard, messy, but totally worth it. Sometimes though it’s hard to see the worth when we don’t give ourselves time to breath and just be.

Make time for a vacation this year. You don’t have to go any where fancy, expensive, or exotic. Just take a couple days to relax and rejuvenate. I promise that the world will seem a little less darker when you get back.

Credit: Unsplash
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