Ok! I’ll admit it! I’m obsessed. I’m sure everyone who knows me is so tired of hearing and seeing pictures of my dog. Can I help it if a crazy, insanely adorable dog is one of the best things to ever happen to me!

I have not always been a dog person. In fact I used to be a little terrified of dogs. Now, I can’t help but go ‘ahh’ every single time a dog walks by. Forgot man’s best friend, my dog is truly woman’s best friend.

I feel like a parent with blinders on. I think that my dog is the cutest dog to ever exist, and I assume that everyone wants to hear me talk about him or show them pictures of him…just to clarify, they really don’t. For whatever reason, ever since I brought this dog home, Lewie has become my entire world.

This dog provides me with comfort, companionship, and love. I truly believe that it was fate that took me to the Human League that day almost 2 years ago. I think that I needed Lewie, and Lewie need me.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. Anatole France

I use to think people who were crazy obsessed with their pets were crazy. Now I know that people who have never felt such a close connection with an animal are the ones missing out. Keep calling me crazy, but I wouldn’t trade the love of my dog for anything.

Posted by:brandileigh08

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