If you have been in an interview lately, chances are you have been asked, “Where do you envision yourself in 10 years?” If you’re like me, you can’t fully answer that question, but who really can? None of us can see into the future, and a whole lot of things can change in a span of 10 years.

Over the past year itself that answer has changed for me. It went from ‘I hope to be a local TV news reporter’ to currently ‘I hope to have a book written and hopefully published.’ I’m fully aware that answer may change in a year’s time too. So, that’s got me thinking about where’d I like to be in 10 years and what I actually envision for myself.

Here are 10 things I’d like to be or have in 10 years:

  1. I’d like to be happy.
  2. I’d like to be fulfilled.
  3. I’d like to have had personal growth.
  4. I’d like to have had professional growth.
  5. I’d like to have spiritual growth.
  6. I’d like to be a positive person.
  7. I’d like to have complete belief in myself.
  8. I’d like to be a good friend.
  9. I’d like to still be alive.
  10. And for fun I’d like to have 10 dogs.


Featured Image: Unsplash

Posted by:brandileigh08

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